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The days of paying $70 for a domain are OVER! Not only that, we are the only Internet Domain Name outlet that REWARDS you for registering domains through us!

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What we do

We are a domain name reselling outlet. If you are a webmaster, ISP, or other interested party and want to be able to sell domains from your own website (and not refer your customers to Network Solutions), you've come to the right place. We make this process so simple you'll be amazed! Simply fill out one simple sign-up form and then cut & paste the block of code we give you into your website! It will produce a small "Search for your Domain" box similar to the one below.

How we reward you

For every domain you sell through us, you make 20% commission from the sale. Our current rate is $24.95 per domain per year. For example, if you sell 25 one year domains (easily achievable by a modest ISP), you earn $125! No credit check, no scripts to install, no programming AT ALL necessary, just tell us who to send the checks to!

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After filling out our sign-up form, you will have access to our Resellers' Lounge where you can manage your sites, edit your profile and view your statistics on domains sold and commissions earned.

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